On sustainability

This blog is not about convincing people about the existence of climate change and the limits of our planet. There are far better information sources to be found both on- and offline. If they can’t convince you I’m pretty sure I won’t as well. The thing with sustainability and everything around it is that it’s an extremely complex thing that involves everything and affects everyone. There really is no buy-out or loophole in this one…

Despite of it’s complexity in defining limits, triggers and amplifiers, the bottom line is pretty easy to get. I like to explain people why sustainability matters by showing them this comic by Stuart McMillen (note the Tintin-cover!). Bottom line: resources are limited, there is no planet B.

While tons of people (rightly!) focus on our carbon footprint, I’d like to talk about an extra aspect called our handprint. While our footprints are a significant measure we’ve all been getting used to, they do not tell the whole story. We don’t just trample the planet; we also sometimes leave a positive impression (read more on the website of Time magazine).

This blog is about generating positive impact and using entrepreneurship to reach more people.


About leyssensjan

Jan Leyssens is a designer and entrepreneur who strongly believes you can’t turn sustainability into a positive story if your main focus is on negative impact. When designing, he is always looking for the overlap between activism and entrepreneurship, technology and community. His main expertise lies in strategic business model development, Circular Economy, the makermovement, and social innovation. With a background in Industrial Design, Jan quickly shifted his focus towards business design and using the design process in strategic management. Jan is the father of two kids and founder & CEO of Regenerative Design, co-founder of Full Circle, ImpactBoost, and the Circular Design map, podcaster, storyteller, and changemaker.

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