Nomadic leaders, the new global elite?

I heard this interview on nomadic leaders via the podcast of Harvard Business Review, and I think you should listen it (audio-file embedded on this page).

I wanted to share this extremely interesting quote from the interview that describes what being a nomadic leader is about, and why we’re paying so much attention to them. If you liked the interview, make sure to subscribe for the podcast HBR ideacast.

“The story of Generation Flux has all the ingredients to be a very appealing contemporary myth. Because of what it is about.

It’s about the vicissitudes of modern heroes and heroines who come of age in difficult economic conditions. And instead of being resentful or defeated by no longer having the prospect of stable, long-term employment or career ladders to climb, they’ve actually been able to craft work lives that are more authentic, more expressive of who they really are, and also freer, less tethered to the demands of impersonal, instrumental organization.

In my work, I call these people nomadic professionals. These are people whose careers are very mobile. They often unfold across organizations and factors and cultures. And yet, at the same time, for whom work is actually very self-defining, very important to who they are.

They’re often portrayed as winners in the world of work. They’re the talent companies fight for. They’re the people who’re going to be the global leaders of tomorrow. You know, in many ways, they are.

And at a psychological level, it shows what the meaning of being a winner has become in the global economy today. Maybe today a winner may simply be defined as someone who gets to experience authenticity and freedom, not just very profound anxiety, frankly, in the context of essentially extremely tough and extremely precarious labor markets.”

– Gianpiero Petroglieri


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  1. Great post, Leyssensjan! “They’re the people who’re going to be the global leaders of tomorrow. You know, in many ways, they are.” True words indeed. I am a fellow devoted, passion-driven entrepreneur on a mission and I’m so excited to share my passion project — check out 🙂

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