How learning works (The art of good practice)

I wrote about Rodney Mullen before. He’s one of my childhood heroes, and keeps on amazing me still (and these days not only by his insane tricks). In a recent talk on the Strata 2014-event Mullen talks about how learning works, the power of open-source and peer-to-peer networks.

If you’re not into skateboarding, just replace the word skateboard(ing) with whatever your job or passion is, and the talk’s still viable. Watch it, it’s worth it.

“Skateboarding is very much of an open-source community in the sense that we pull from a common vocabulary of tricks, we take from that and we individuate ourselves. Hopefully elevating our standing by making it better, put our fingerprints on it, give it back to the community, and then they have more to draw from and we all rise together.” – Rodney Mullen


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