On sculpting the future

I’ve still got ton of video’s I would like to share with you, so I’ll share them systematically over the couple of months. This week, Seth Godin on the power of design. Design is more than shaping, it’s more than look and feel. Design is what change is made of. If you’re working on change or in changing markets, design-methodology should be basic knowledge. If you think you’re not working in changing markets, or on change, think again.

Seth Godin, in his typical style, shows how design can be used to make weird the new normal. How to change behavior through design, and more important, the enormous shift we’re making as a society, from big mass to big value.

We can no longer say “form follows function”. That’s ridiculous. Because we all have function now. We can all make stuff that’s good enough now. The challenge now is not how do we figure out how to be successful, but how do we figure out how to matter.


About leyssensjan

WHY I DO WHAT I DO As a designer and entrepreneur, I want to develop systems that have a strong impact on short term and will guide society towards a more sustainable, social and economically different system in the long term. WHAT I DO I blog about and do projects with people and organisations driven by passion. I'm always on the look for new projects, ideas and people to meet, contact me!

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